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beverage filling machine maintenance rules
the maintenance of the filling machine helps to increase the service life of the filling machine, reduce the probability of failure of the beverage filling machine, and thereby reduce production costs.
the beverage filling machine is mainly used for beverage filling operations. it is suitable for automatic washing, filling and sealing of various airless beverages, fruit juices, oil vinegar, alcohol, fruit wine, mineral water, and purified water. the line is unique in design , novel style, complete functions, strong adaptability, convenient operation and use, beautiful appearance, high degree of automation, it is currently the best domestic filling equipment. the maintenance of beverage filling equipment needs to pay attention to the following matters:
1. beverage filling equipment regularly (half a year) to refuel the rolling bearing parts. it is recommended to use 60" engine oil in southern areas, 60" engine oil in summer in cold northern areas, and 25" engine oil in winter.
2. it is forbidden to work in the state of lack of water. please check the water level in each water tank (the middle position of the observation window) before and during operation. after the work is finished every day, please clean the machine and drain the remaining water in the water tanks. in the cold northern areas, drain the remaining water of the pump in time to prevent the pump from freezing and cracking.
3. the air compressor gas tank and the gas source double unit discharge water. when discharging the water, a container must be used to catch the discharged water to avoid polluting the ground.
4. the beverage filling production line regularly requires professional maintenance personnel to maintain the motor.