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electric heating tilting sandwich pot

electric heating jacketed pot
1. purpose: this equipment is widely used in food processing such as candies, cakes, beverages, candied fruit, etc., and can also be used in large restaurants or canteens to boil soup, cooking, stew, porridge, etc. it is food processing to improve quality and shorten time. excellent equipment to improve working conditions.
2. features: this pot uses 380v power as the heat source, the interlayer is made of acid and alkali resistant austenitic pearlitic stainless steel, and is equipped with an electric control box with pressure gauge and safety valve. the equipment is beautiful, easy to install, easy to operate, and reliable in insulation performance.

basic structure and installation

1. overall structure: the tilting type is mainly composed of a pot body, an electric heating rod, an electric control box, a tilting rack, a mixer, etc. (figure 1
2. the stirring type is composed of a pot body, an electric heating rod, an electric control box and a bracket (figure 1 and 2)
3. the vertical electric heating jacketed pot is composed of a pot body, an electric control box and a bracket (figure 2)
4. tighten the two set screws on the support frame. when the pot body is turned remotely, the oil inlet and outlet pipes at both ends are not allowed to rotate with the pot.
5. after installation, for agitated jacketed pot, heat transfer oil must be added to the jacket until 4/5. connect the 380v power supply again, and add the ground wire. wires and sockets should be 1.5 times larger than the power used. 6. no valve is allowed to be installed at the overflow port. 7. when discharging, first open the lid of the pot and turn the hand wheel to tilt the pot body so that the material is discharged from the discharge port. 8. vertical electric heating jacketed pot, the material is discharged from the bottom of the pot.

four, use matters needing attention
1. the safety valve can be adjusted according to the pressure used by the user.
2. during the use of the jacketed pot, you should always pay attention to the temperature change of the heat transfer oil. the heat transfer oil should not exceed 150° (controlled by the electric control box), and pay attention to adjusting the temperature in a timely manner.
3. after the materials are heated to the required temperature by the vertical electric heating jacketed pan, the materials are discharged from the bottom of the pan.
4. before the equipment is used in each shift, oil should be added to the rotating parts: pay attention to whether the heating rod is damaged. stirring jacketed pot, the parts on the surface of the pot body, it is recommended to use vegetable oil; the others use 30#~40# machine oil
5. after use, the power should be cut off first, and water should be added to the pot immediately to protect the heating rod part and prolong the service life.

five, maintenance
1. oil leakage in the oil inlet pipe and oil outlet pipe joints. when the nut does not solve the problem, add or replace the packing.
2. the pressure gauge and safety valve should be checked regularly, and if there is any malfunction, they should be adjusted and repaired in time.
3. after 50 hours of use, the reducer should be disassembled to drain the lubricating oil, washed with kerosene or diesel oil, and 30#~40# clean oil is added. after 150 hours of use, the oil should be changed for the second time, depending on the specific situation. change the oil once every 1000 hours without using.
4. if the anti-rust paint is peeling off, it should be painted in time, and the paint of the outer pot should be painted. x55-3 aluminum powder vinyl water-resistant paint is recommended.
5. after the pot has been used for 5 years, it is recommended to conduct a safety water pressure test, and 1.5 times the use pressure test when the pressure inside the interlayer is tested. according to the requirements of local security departments.
6. the outer pot body of this pot is made of 4.5~5.5mm stainless steel steel plate or a3 steel plate. when the outer pot is reduced to less than 2 mm after years of corrosion, it should be stopped.
7. the welding of stainless steel in this pot and the welding of stainless steel and other steel materials should use stainless steel electrodes ao 102, ao 107, ao 132, ao 137, and other grades should not be used.