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introduction of fermentation tank and seed tank series products

zhejiang jinben mechanical fermentation equipment is a reaction equipment widely used for microorganism growth. in the fermenter, various microorganisms grow in a suitable environment, metabolize and form fermentation products. fermentation equipment has been widely used in pharmacy, monosodium glutamate, wine making, enzyme preparation, pigment, food, enzyme and other industries.
fermentation equipment tank types can be divided into two categories: one type is anaerobic fermentation tank type (such as alcohol fermentation), and the other type is fully gas fermentation tank type (such as standard type, wu type, self-priming type, etc.). this type of equipment is most commonly used in standard tank types. the drawings and materials of the fermentation tank series designed by our factory belong to the standard tank type. when designing fermentation equipment of various specifications, the design structure should be tight, with sufficient strength and service life, and strive to have fewer internal accessories and smooth surface. it should be noted that there must be good gas-steam contact and solid-mixing performance of gas-steamed jujube, so that material transfer and gas exchange can be carried out effectively. there is enough heat exchange area to ensure that the fermentation can be carried out at the most suitable temperature. pay attention to the sealing performance of the equipment to ensure the sterilization operation.
the fermentation tank designed by our factory is a standard tank type. this tank type is jacketed when the nominal volume is below 6m3. the cooling or heating of the fermentation broth is completed by the jacket. when the nominal volume is above 6m3, the cooling of the fermentation liquid is borne by the vertical coil. we have made improvements in the connection of the coil in the tank. this mainly avoids opening more holes on the tank body and forming dead corners. this continuous method has achieved satisfactory results in actual use.
the baffle set in the tank is used to improve the mixing efficiency. whether there is a baffle in the tank directly affects the turning of the fermentation liquid, so it is very important to install the baffle in the tank. the number of baffles set is increased or decreased according to relevant information. according to the data measured by the change of leaf width, 4 or 6 baffles are used in the tank, and the plate width is 100-150mm, which is ideal for improving the mixing efficiency.
the agitator is the main device in the fermentation equipment. by stirring the liquid, the fresh medium components, air, and mycelium are fully mixed to achieve mass and heat transfer effects.
at present, there are three basic forms of agitator: flat blade (straight blade), curved blade, and arrow blade. bent leaves are used in the equipment provided by our factory. this kind of curved blade worm wheel agitator has a shearing effect on the fermentation liquid, and the fermentation liquid has radial and axial flow. compared with the straight blade worm wheel agitator, the curved blade agitator has the same diameter, speed, and blade width. the power consumption is small, but the effect is very good, and it has been widely adopted in china.
in terms of motor configuration, we use y-type motors (horizontal) and yjl-type motors (vertical). vertical motors are usually used when the nominal volume is below 15m3. at the same time, a horizontal motor can also be used.
tank surface takeover is also very important to the fermentation tank. based on our many years of experience, we have designed a reasonable takeover position, which is very convenient for workers. the takeover size has been calculated. if the user has specific requirements, it can be negotiated and changed. , for special specifications, our factory can design separately.