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extraction tank

the extraction tank (also known as the extraction tank) has the advantages of energy saving, noise reduction, corrosion resistance, strong production capacity, and convenient cleaning. it is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, food, chemical, beverage and other industrial sectors as the ingredients in the extraction material necessary equipment for heating, cooling, heat preservation, sterilization treatment or storage of slurry. it is especially suitable for extraction and heat preservation of traditional chinese medicine, and is a necessary equipment in the production line of traditional chinese medicine, food and beverage.
the liquid storage vessel of the equipment is composed of a cycloid planetary reducer, a stirring paddle and an object basket, a thermometer, a pressure gauge, and a safety valve.
1. liner: it is made of stainless steel plate 1cr18ni9ti with polished surface.
2. middle coil: made of a3 steel plate or stainless steel plate 1cr18ni9ti material, jacketed spiral device, cold water from bottom to top without pressure, to achieve the purpose of heating and cooling.
3. external thermal insulation group: made of stainless steel plate thrown into fish scale pattern. the thermal insulation layer uses aluminum silicate to maintain the temperature difference with the external medium to achieve the thermal insulation effect.
4. reducer: cycloid pinwheel planetary reducer, fixed on the bracket in the beam, the output shaft of the reducer is connected with the stirring paddle, and the looper connection is used for disassembly and cleaning.
5. thermometer: it is installed on the beam and extends the lowest medium position so that the liquid material can be used to the lowest position to indicate the temperature and achieve the purpose of sterilization.
6. the article blue is composed of 1cr18ni9ti, hung on the beam, detachable