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fermentation tank overview: the main equipment for enzyme fermentation is fermentation tank and seed tank, each of which is equipped with raw material (medium) preparation, cooking, sterilization and cooling equipment, ventilation adjustment and sterilization equipment, and agitator. fermentation tank: undertake the production task of the product. seed tank: to ensure the amount of bacteria necessary for fermentation tank culture.

tank structure: the tank body of the fermentation tank is cylindrical, and the bottom cover and top cover are both dish-shaped or cone-shaped. in the sour process of alcohol, in order to recover co2 gas and part of the alcohol it brings out, the fermentation tank should adopt a closed type. the tank top is equipped with manholes, sight glasses and carbon dioxide recovery pipes, feed pipes, inoculation pipes, pressure gauges and measuring instrument interface pipes.

the bottom of the tank is equipped with a discharge port and a sewage port; the lower part of the tank is equipped with a sampling port and a thermometer interface. for large-scale fermentation, in order to facilitate maintenance and cleaning, a manhole is often installed near the bottom of the tank.

cooling device: for small and medium-sized fermentation tanks, the tank top sprays water on the outer wall of the tank for film cooling; for large-scale fermentation tanks, the tank is equipped with a cooling coil or a combined cooling device for spraying on the coil and the outer wall of the tank to avoid fermentation the dampness and stagnant water in the workshop require a water collection trough at the bottom of the tank body along the circumference of the tank body. the method of spray cooling outside the tank is adopted, which has the advantages of uniform cooling of the fermentation liquid and high cooling efficiency.

washing: in the past, it was operated manually, which was not only labor intensive, but also once the co2 gas was not completely eliminated, the worker would be poisoned when cleaning the tank. in recent years, the fermenter has gradually adopted a hydraulic jet washing device, thereby improving the labor intensity of the workers and increasing the operating efficiency. it is particularly important for large-scale fermentation tanks to use this hydraulic washing device.

surface treatment: polished inside and outside, and easy to clean, precision: 0.4um.

sterilization method: automatic program sterilization, programmable control of the sterilization process; sterilization sequence can be set, range: 100 ℃ ~ 130 ℃, high temperature sterilization by pneumatic valve through program control. for some fermented varieties, there is little fluctuation in the sterilization temperature, which can reduce the labor intensity, and the automatic program can be used to control the sterilization. at this time, the sterilization temperature is very accurate.

stirring system: adopts direct coupling mechanical stirring and tank top mechanical seal system, as well as british mechanical seal (john crane), high-performance stirring propeller, defoaming propeller, ac speed regulating motor, stepless speed regulating machine, and can be fully automatic control. the high-power variable-speed mechanism makes the stirring stable and can keep the operation freely and does not need to add lubricating oil. the automatic setting control range is 50-1000 rpm;

automatic temperature control system: water inlet through the water supply valve; electric heating, water cooling, over-temperature protection function, lcd touch screen control; circulating water heating and cooling system; range: cooling water temperature 5~65℃; accuracy: ±0.2℃; resolution rate: 0.01℃, equipped with refrigeration cycle device, with good heat exchange efficiency; intelligent pid control not only ensures the rapidity of temperature control but also realizes energy saving.

fermentation temperature control range: cooling water temperature 5~65℃, accuracy: ±0.1℃, temperature accuracy and stability have a decisive influence on the fermentation result.

flow detection and pressure detection system: rotameter detection, manual control of air flow.

ph automatic control: detect ph, adopt intelligent pid control, peristaltic pump automatically add acid and alkali, and accurately control ph (there are three levels of manual, off and automatic switchable). display range: 0.00~14.00±0.01, automatic control range: 2.00~12.00±0.05. the controller can realize: ph value curve analysis, acid addition, alkali addition volume curve analysis, batch report analysis, acid addition volume cumulative display record, alkali addition volume cumulative display record, and data storage.

do online detection: linkage control can be carried out through speed, feeding, etc. intelligent pid control enables the dissolved oxygen, a parameter that was difficult to control in the past, to achieve an ideal control effect. control range: 0~150%±1%, the controller can realize: do value curve analysis, batch report analysis (according to fermentation time, do automatic variable control, at least 10 segments).

feeding control: it has a complete feeding system, which can be measured and recorded by curve; the number of peristaltic pumps can be selected according to needs, and the conventional configuration is two for each fermenter. the role of the peristaltic pump can be selected and set on the control interface, which makes the user more convenient and flexible in actual use. equipped with specially designed feeding pins to ensure the safe operation of feeding.