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fully automatic cip cleaning system

on the basis of digesting and absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, our company designs and manufactures cip cleaning stations based on domestic actual conditions. they are widely used in dairy factories, beverage factories, food factories, and pharmaceutical and chemical industries. it overcomes the shortcomings of original disassembly and cleaning. it is a reliable guarantee to improve the quality of the product, while reducing the loss of raw materials.
according to the needs of the cleaning process, the four processes of acid, alkali, hot water and soft water are designed. the acid and alkali tanks are equipped with a stirring device; the volume of each cip cleaning tank is 2m3, and the upper and lower head structure is adopted. the tank body and outer jacket are made of 304 stainless steel, and the seal the head is 2.5mm, the tank body is 2mm, the silicate insulation layer is 50mm, the outer sheath is 1.5mm, the internal roughness is 0.8μm, and the outside is 1.6μm; the cip and the tank are connected by stainless steel pipes, and there is no sanitary dead corner.
(1) automatic temperature control
●the hot water tank and the acid-base tank are both insulated with rock wool to reduce heat loss;
●the heating method can be heated by an independent plate heat exchanger with a heat exchange area of 10m2;
●the metal temperature sensor is used to display the temperature of each tank, and the temperature range can be set as required, and the heating can be automatically turned on and off. the pneumatic membrane valve automatically adjusts the switch size according to the temperature.
(2) remote control of water replenishment
glass tube level gauge, clear display; equipped with control switch, can remotely control the start of pure water pump. , according to the setting of the liquid level in the tank, signal transmission can be carried out, and the electric valve can be opened and closed through the plc module.
(3) automatic addition of acid and alkali
equipped with online acid-base concentration detector, automatically added according to the set concentration;
the acid-base solution is metered and added by a diaphragm pump to avoid burns;
equipped with two 200-liter concentrated acid and concentrated alkali tanks.
(4) convenient control operation
● operators only need to configure the switching operation of concentrated acid and alkali and different processes in each shift, and other tasks can be automatically controlled and manually monitored;
● use japanese mitsubishi or german siemens plc programming control, siemens 14" man-machine interface operation screen.
● each valve adopts dongzheng huaneng electric butterfly valve or ball valve.