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enzyme production line

1. process flow of enzyme beverage production line
production process: material selection -> washing -> drying -> cutting -> fermentation -> chelating -> quality control -> filling and packaging -> out of warehouse
production process: the fruit enzyme is fermented by traditional technology. the fermentation process is divided into three stages: yeast fermentation, acetic acid bacteria fermentation and lactic acid bacteria fermentation.
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the first stage: yeast fermentation-the yeast fermentation stage decomposes large molecules into small molecules, and decomposes starch into carbon dioxide and alcohol, which is also called saccharification.
the second stage: acetic acid bacteria fermentation-the acetic acid bacteria fermentation stage decomposes the alcohol, this stage is also called vinegarization.
the third stage: lactic acid bacteria fermentation-lactic acid bacteria fermentation stage lactic acid produces probiotics under the action of reaction, this stage is also called maturation

2. the effect of enzyme drink:
1. decomposition-decompose and digest the food you eat to make it easy to be absorbed and promote rapid recovery of physical strength.
2. clean up the internal environment, purify the blood, improve physical fitness-decomposition, remove waste, make the blood weak acid (base).
3. anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects-transport white blood cells, promote the function of white blood cells, and enhance their self-healing ability.
4. anti-tumor and anti-symptomatic effects-combined with appropriate drugs and nutritional preparations, catalysts inspire flowers, inspire efficacy, complement each other, and reduce side effects.
5. prevent severe hair loss, whitening, and dandruff.
6. revitalize cells-promote cell metabolism and increase heat energy consumption.
7. generate hangover enzyme and prevent hangover.
8. the best source of nutrition and energy for children who do not like to eat vegetables and fruits.