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pure water production line

zhejiang jinben pure water treatment equipment includes multi-media filters, activated carbon filters, precision filters, reverse osmosis equipment (main unit of pure water equipment), ultraviolet sterilization and ozone generators, and sanitary water tanks.

1. the original water tank
the raw water tank of the purified water equipment system is made of sus304 material. the raw water tank plays a role in buffering and adjusting the water volume. its purpose is to prevent the fluctuation of the inlet water pressure from affecting the operation of the purified water equipment system and ensure the safe and stable operation of the raw water pump. the water tank of the water equipment is controlled by the liquid level signal for display, alarm and interlock. xinmeiyuan pure water equipment uses the liquid level in the water tank to interlock the raw water pump.

2. multi-media filter
the multi-media filter designed for the pure water treatment system is filled with high-quality refined quartz sand, and the particle size is distributed step by step from top to bottom. the principle of deep filtration is used to increase the dirt interception capacity of the filter layer. the pure water equipment has a large water production capacity and impurities with deep penetration, the purified water equipment increases the filtration speed while ensuring the quality of the effluent. the multi-media filter mainly removes suspended solids, colloids and organic matter in the water, so that the water production can meet the requirements of the subsequent equipment for pure water.

3. activated carbon filter
the activated carbon filter designed for the purified water equipment system uses nut shell activated carbon and quartz sand as the filter material. the activated carbon is placed on the upper part of the filter layer and the lower part is multi-grade quartz sand. this can give full play to the efficiency of the entire filter layer of the pure water equipment and improve ability to intercept pollution. the main function of activated carbon filter is to adsorb residual chlorine and organic matter. xinmeiyuan forms a layer of balanced surface concentration on the surface of the activated carbon particles, and then adsorbs organic impurities into the activated carbon particles. the initial adsorption effect is very high. but over time, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon will weaken to varying degrees, and the adsorption effect will also decrease. therefore, activated carbon should be cleaned, regenerated or replaced regularly.

4. precision filter
 the precision filter installed in the pure water equipment system, the filter body material is ss304. the filtration accuracy of the filter element is 1μm, and its function is to further intercept the particles in the pipeline and water tank into the reverse osmosis system.

5. reverse osmosis system
the reverse osmosis system is the most important desalination device in the process of pure water equipment, and it has a high desalination capacity. reverse osmosis is a reverse migration movement of osmosis. it is a separation method that separates the solute and the solvent in the solution by the selective retention of a semipermeable membrane under pressure. it can block all soluble salts and molecular weights. organic matter greater than 100, but allows water molecules to pass through, the salt rejection rate of the reverse osmosis composite membrane is generally greater than 98%. the pure water reverse osmosis system has the characteristics of high primary separation, no phase change, simple and efficient, and the cleanliness is almost 100%. the reverse osmosis system of xinmeiyuan purified water equipment is also equipped with 5um and 1um precision filters, high-pressure pumps, high and low pressure protection and control.

6. ozone sterilization system
the ozone generator set in the purified water equipment system is used to prepare ozone for sterilization and disinfection; ozone sterilization is a bacteriolytic method, which is thorough, without residue, and has a broad spectrum of sterilization. it can kill bacterial propagules, spores, viruses, fungi, etc. , and can destroy botulinum toxin.

7. ozone mixing tower
the ozone mixing tower installed in the pure water equipment system allows ozone and water to have a sufficient mixing area and mixing time, so that ozone can play a role in disinfection and sterilization.

8. sanitary aseptic water tank
the pure water equipment system is designed with a sanitary aseptic water tank, which plays a role of buffering and adjusting the water production of the reverse osmosis device. its purpose is to prevent the pressure fluctuation of the water produced from affecting the operation of the production line. the water tank of the xinmeiyuan pure water equipment is controlled by the level signal , used to display, alarm and interlock, use the liquid level in the water tank to interlock the pure water pump. the water tank of the pure water equipment is made of sus304, sus316l stainless steel plates, stamped and formed, polished inside and outside, and the periphery is welded by argon tungsten arc welding. it has many advantages such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-seepage and earthquake resistance, difficult to breed bacteria, never growing moss, easy installation, no maintenance, and easy cleaning.