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pet automatic blow molding machine

main feature
1. high safety factor: there are no hidden dangers of personal injury, avoiding the danger of semi-automatically taking bottles manually, reducing losses caused by accidents, and improving production efficiency.
2. high-speed and high-efficiency: a new model is equivalent to the efficiency of the original 6 semi-automatic machines.
3. labor saving: single machine operation or multiple machines at the same time, saving 3 to 4 times the labor force.
4. stable performance: imported touch screen type man-machine interface computer is adopted, which is accurate, fast and stable. the structure is simple, and the main body of the oven is integrated with a slideway, which is convenient for maintenance.
5. the infrared lamp tube is used for heating, with strong penetrating power and uniform heating. a reasonable ventilation cooling system can fully ensure the heating of the preform and the stable cooling of the container mouth. plc separates the temperature control independently, the drying tunnel is designed reasonably, can be turned over, and can be adjusted up and down. the preform heating center distance is small, the heating speed is fast, and the energy saving is 40% compared with the ordinary heating system. the bottle preform enters the oven, and the bottleneck is upward. due to the efficient oven cooling and ventilation system, the bottleneck and shaft will not overheat the surface of the preform. even thick preforms and high-productivity products can be cooled well to avoid crystallization.化. in order to ensure the finished rate of bottle blowing, the oven is in a very important position in measuring the performance of the machine. the oven structure of this machine adopts the most advanced infrared radiation heating energy-saving technology in the world, and the temperature control adopts automatic feedback.