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semi-automatic blow molding machine

1. machine features:
hq-500 semi-automatic bottle blowing machine is suitable for blowing various shapes of pet bottles, with a volume from 250 ml to 5000 ml. this bottle blowing machine is widely used for blowing all kinds of edible oil bottles, jars, mineral water bottles and carbonated drinks. bottles, cola bottles, etc.
1. it adopts a new type double-bend four-bar clamping structure, the cross is balanced and fixed to slide.
2. the sealing and stretching adopt parallel bar joint design, which combines the two into one, which is conducive to product molding.
3. advanced gas path design, both single and dual air intakes are available; low pressure mechanical mold clamping, sealing, and stretching; high pressure blow molding.
4. microcomputer automatic controller, easy to operate.
5. preforms are heated by infrared rays, controllable constant pressure control, frequency conversion speed regulation, so as to achieve the best blowing accuracy.