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sleeve labeling machine

model: jb-500p
input power (kw) 1.5
input voltage (v) 3, 380/220vac
production speed (bottle/min) 200
applicable body diameter range (mm) ф28 -ф125
applicable label length (mm) 30~ 250
applicable label thickness (mm) 0.03 ~ 0.13
suitable for paper tube inner diameter (mm) 5"~10" freely adjustable
host size (mm) 2100l*850w*2000h
weight (kg) 250

zhejiang jinben jb-500p sleeve labeling machine
◆full-cover stainless steel host: the whole machine is waterproof and does not rust;
◆adjustable cutter head: original turning cutting, double-sided blade, long life;
◆single positioning center guide post: label guide is more stable;
◆synchronous bottle separator: bottle conveying is more stable;
◆label brushing group: the accuracy of sleeve label is more accurate;
◆low maintenance cost of consumables;
◆design of reciprocating cutter, adopt rigid body combination of mechanism, smooth movement and double the tool life.
◆flexible choice of multiple bottle types: round bottle, square bottle, oval bottle, etc. can be set, and bottle mouth or body can also be selected.

 working video principle and product schematic diagram
1. working principle
when the push bottle electric eye finds that there is a bottle coming and considers that it is necessary for continuous production, the bottle feed screw starts to push the bottle (the function of the bottle feed screw is to separate the bottles from unequal distances from the new equidistant equal initial speed), the bottle enters the core unit of the sleeve labeling system. when the sleeve labeling electric eye senses that a bottle is coming, it immediately transmits the information to the control center plc, and sequentially and continuously issues 4 instructions through the plc: label sending, positioning, label cutting, and marking. when the labeling is finished, the labeling process of a bottle is completed, and then it enters the labeling and shrinking unit.
2. product schematic

3. sleeve labeling machine video
sleeve labeling machine price
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