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sterilization pot

the horizontal sterilization pot can be divided into two sterilization methods: steam killing and water killing. the water killing is to use boiler steam to heat the hot water in the pot to 121°c, and then it is different according to different products.
1. the heat penetrates into the product at the fastest speed to ensure the most ideal heat transfer effect, to ensure the required sterilization effect, and to achieve the required f value the fastest.
2. because the rotation forces the product to convection, there is no cold spot inside the package, which is also suitable for products with higher viscosity.
3. due to the rotation and stirring of the product, the temperature of the package is prevented from being too high, avoiding the over-cooking of the container and the outer product, and preventing the product from layering and precipitation during the heating process.

suitable products: suitable for fluid products such as eight-treasure porridge and condensed milk.