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sterilization kettle

features of steam sterilizer equipment:
the horizontal sterilization pot can be divided into two sterilization methods: steam killing and water killing. the water killing is to use boiler steam to heat the hot water in the pot to 121°c, and then sterilize for different times according to different products to completely kill bacteria. the purpose can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic sterilization, which is suitable for the sterilization of various snack foods such as meat products, dairy products, soy products, canned fruits, beverage products, and egg products.
1. you can choose steam sterilization, hot water circulation sterilization, water spray sterilization, side spray sterilization, soda and water dual-purpose sterilization
2. easy to operate and understand
3. there are multiple safety interlocking devices
4. the pipelines and pumps are reasonably equipped to effectively improve the color and taste of the product.

5. improve the shelf life of products more effectively