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spray sterilization machine (pasteurization)

bacteria heat preservation and cooling tunnel is a pasteurization equipment specially designed for filling or packaging products such as dairy, juice, beverage, beer, food, medicine, etc. it is an ideal equipment for materials to achieve the purpose of extending the shelf life through sterilization, heat preservation and cooling. , especially the secondary sterilization equipment necessary for automated production lines. according to the user's different process requirements for heating, sterilization, heat preservation, and cooling of different products, different process designs can be carried out to meet process requirements, and corresponding high-precision automatic control systems can be configured according to user requirements.
performance characteristics:
●the equipment rack is made of stainless steel, the overall structure is compact, and the appearance is hygienic and beautiful;
●high-quality plastic mesh belt chain plate, can work under high temperature for a long time (≯95), short-term high temperature 104℃;
●solid cone wide-angle nozzle, uniform and stable flow distribution, constant temperature field;
● comprehensive utilization of multiple energy and heat recovery technologies, energy saving and environmental protection;
●pt100 temperature sensor, high measurement accuracy, up to ±0.5℃;
●multi-process combination, reasonable technology, can handle a variety of materials;
●the sterilization temperature is controlled by plc touch screen.
●the total processing time is controlled by frequency conversion, which can be adjusted according to the production process;
●the automatic feeding and discharging mechanism is configured for non-circular pp bottles, plastic bags, roof cartons, glass bottles, cans and other products, and the connection with the automatic conveying production line is smoothly connected;
●it can provide users with heat distribution testing services, using an expert system to monitor temperature changes in the entire production process online.

this equipment is suitable for secondary sterilization, cooling and drying of canned food such as cans, glass bottles, heat-resistant pet bottles, etc. the sterilization temperature is adjustable, and the sterilization is carried out in different regions, which ensures that the container is not broken and the sterilization quality.

this machine uses circulating hot water sterilization, warm water pre-cooling, and then spray cooling with cooling water. it has the advantages of automatic control of the sterilization temperature and stepless adjustment of the sterilization time. it is widely used in the sterilization and cooling of various bottled and canned acid juice drinks, electrolyte drinks, wines, condiments and other products. this machine adopts the polypropylene mesh belt produced by the american rexnord-ld-tl1 company. the belt surface is flat and the friction coefficient is small. it can prevent the bottom surface of the three-piece can and the easy-pull can from scratching. the mesh belt meets the product hygiene requirements and is approved by the usda. the shower nozzle adopts a special atomizing nozzle to spray evenly on the packaging container to prevent damage to the packaging container; this machine realizes automatic bottle feeding and discharging, achieving complete automation of the production line, and the body is made of sus304 material. beautiful and generous, well-manufactured, stable operation, easy to use.