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tubular sterilizer

adapt to materials
tubular sterilizer fully automatic casing sterilizer the whole unit of the fully automatic tubular sterilizer has the characteristics of compact structure, good sterilization effect, convenient operation, wide adaptability and low cost. according to user needs, uht sterilization system can be supplied separately, including sleeve type sterilizer, preheating tank, heat preservation tank, etc. this system has a homogenizer interface, prevents milkstone formation, and pre-pasteurization; also can provide the whole unit, including uht sterilization system and flash degassing system.
tubular sterilizers are widely used in milk, fruit juice, tea beverages, milk-containing beverages, ketchup, condiments, beer, cream, ice cream, egg products, solid powders and other products.
1. the range of viscosity is very large, the use environment ph value is 1~14, suitable for fresh milk, pasteurized milk, yogurt, colorful milk, juice, tea beverage, wine, ice cream, soy milk, milk beverage, longevity milk, jam, sauce aseptic production of products and other products, the quality or freshness of products processed by the uht sterilization system can be maintained at room temperature for 3 to 6 months (without any preservatives) in the case of aseptic packaging, eliminating the need for cold storage chains;
2. the equipment is fully automatic or semi-automatic computer control, touch lcd screen operation;
3. instant processing to maintain the original flavor of the product;
4. pid temperature control system, the sterilization temperature is continuously recorded on the recorder in real time;
5. the product heat treatment process is uniform, and the heat recovery rate is as high as 90%;
6. there are no contact points in the tube, no sanitary corners, no product will stick to the tube, and the corrugated tube forms high turbulence during the sterilization process, and has a self-cleaning effect during the material flow, so it is not easy to form scale and pollution in the tube;
7. longer continuous running time and better cip self-cleaning effect;
8. few spare parts and lower operating cost;
9. it is easy to install, inspect and disassemble, and it is convenient for pipeline maintenance;
10. the material is reliable and can withstand higher product pressure.