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vacuum deaerator

product manual:
the vacuum degasser is the latest degassing product in the world and is suitable for any water circulation system. the product adopts a vacuum degassing method, which can quickly and thoroughly remove free gas, microbubbles and dissolved gas in the water circulation system, and the removal rate is as high as 99.9%.
the working principle of the vacuum deaerator is to pump part of the water in the circulation system into the tank for vacuum degassing. according to henry's law, this part of the gas will be completely separated from the water in a vacuum state, and the separated gas will be discharged through the air-proof port of the degasser. the absorptive water from which the gas has been removed is reinjected back into the system. this part of the unsaturated water with highly absorbing properties will absorb the gas in the system again to balance it in order to achieve the balance of gas-water solubility. the vacuum degasser repeats the cycle every 30 seconds, and the free gas and dissolved gas in the water are eliminated in this cycle.