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three-in-one filling machine

this machine is mainly used for beverage filling operations. this machine combines the three functions of washing, filling and sealing in one body, and is equipped with a temperature control device for hot filling. the whole process is automated. it is suitable for filling juice and tea beverages in polyester bottles and plastic shakeable bottles. the adjustment of the applicable bottle type of each part is easy and convenient. the filling method adopts a new type of micro-negative pressure filling, which is stable and reliable. so compared with machines of the same specification, this machine has greater benefits.
this machine adopts advanced omron programmable controller (plc) to control the automatic operation of the machine. the bottle feeding device adopts an air conveying device, and the output bottle chain adopts an adjustable speed mode, which cooperates with the host inverter to make the bottle outlet operation more stable and reliable. the photoelectric detection of the operating status of each component. therefore, it is highly automated and easy to operate, making it the ideal first-choice equipment for beverage manufacturers.

washing station
number of filling stations
number of capping stations
production capacity
3000--18,000b/h (500ml)

monitor rate
total weight
dimensions (length × width × height)
5,200 (mm)* 3,700 (mm) *2,900 (mm) (customized)