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three-in-one glass bottle filling machine

1. the glass bottle three-in-one filling production line adopts plc computer program control and human-machine interface touch screen buttons, and is equipped with alarm devices such as missing cover and overload protection, which can detect and eliminate faults in time and have a high degree of production automation.
2. the horizontal rotary pneumatic cap sorting device has the functions of not damaging the surface of the bottle cap, and automatically refilling the missing cap in the hopper.
3. the beverage filling production line adopts the design of the bottleneck suspension operation mode, which makes the operation function of the whole line more reliable, and overcomes the factors that the machine cannot operate normally due to the thin bottle wall and the bottle height error. it is convenient and quick to change the bottle type.
4. the filling production line for carbonated beverages uses a magnetic torque-type capping head to realize capping and capping. the capping torque is steplessly adjustable, and the sealing is tight and reliable.
5. introduce advanced technology from germany, italy and the united states. using equal pressure filling principle, fast filling speed and stable liquid level control. the material warehouse is a fully enclosed structure, equipped with a cip interface.
6. the beverage filling production line is equipped with a complete cleaning management system to ensure the flushing quality before filling.
7. to change the bottle shape, it can be realized only by replacing the star wheel and the curved plate, and the operation is simple and convenient.
8. the control system has functions such as automatic water level control, detection and alarm for missing caps, automatic stop alarm for rinsing, and shift output counting.
9 with perfect

the three-in-one wine filling machine adopts a special filling valve and a high-power vacuum pump to ensure the same liquid level after filling;
the mouth of the bottle is sealed during filling, and the liquid flows down the wall of the bottle, which effectively controls the foam caused by the impact of the liquid during filling and prevents the liquid from overflowing;
this machine frequency conversion speed regulation, fast filling speed, equipped with overload protection device, stuck machine stop, start soft start, adopt elastic bottle holding device to reduce bottle damage;
the filling volume is adjusted by adding or subtracting gaskets on the filling valve, which is convenient and quick;
the main seals of the three-in-one wine filling machine are made of imported silica gel, and the main parts are made of 304 stainless steel that meets food hygiene standards;
the filling valve is easy to disassemble and clean;
the three-in-one wine filling machine is equipped with an adjustable bottle feeding screw to make the bottle feeding more smoothly.
the overload protection device can effectively protect the safety of the machine and the operator.