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can filling machine (isobaric)

jbhq3003 isobaric filling and sealing combination machine is mainly suitable for the production enterprises of gas-containing beverages and beer. it is a professional equipment for automatic filling and sealing of cans. through the automatic can feeding, automatic filling and automatic sealing of cans, the automatic can-out conveying system greatly improves the labor efficiency and provides a reliable guarantee for the quality and quantity of beer filling. this machine is the core equipment of the beer packaging production line. during the filling process of aerated beverage, bubbling, dissatisfaction, high or low liquid level, oxygen increase and bottleneck air exceeding the standard, and scratches and deformation during the sealing process , will directly lead to the increase of product loss and thus increase the cost. therefore, the quality of the canned gas filling machine directly affects the economic benefits of the enterprise.

this machine is used for the filling of two-piece cans for beverages and beer containing co2 gas. it can also be used for the filling of three-piece cans without gas. however, the filling cylinder adds 0.05-0.1mpa back pressure gas. (generally used to sterilize air as compressed gas) the main electrical components adopt german sick inverter and proximity switch, german siemens analog output and south korean solenoid valve. the company’s senior electrical engineers have designed a reasonable configuration form, and the entire production the speed can be set according to the requirements on the touch screen, all common faults will automatically alarm, and the corresponding fault reason and location will be given.