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four-in-one filling machine

technical structure characteristics

a. bottle washing part:
this machine is a rotary bottle washing machine, mainly used for washing new bottles of beverages, water and other products. then the bottle is sent to the filling machine for product filling.
the pet bottle enters the equipment by the bottle separating star wheel, and the bottle mouth is clamped by the clamp and the turning mechanism, and the bottle mouth is turned down. the sterile water is rinsed and drained, and it is automatically turned over until the bottle mouth is up. installed. the main structure of the equipment is in contact with the flushing medium and the external protective cover is made of high-quality stainless steel; open gear transmission.
brand-new stainless steel clamp, simple structure, convenient adjustment; less contact area with bottle mouth, effectively avoiding secondary pollution to bottle mouth
the bottle washer is equipped with a drip tray to recover the bottled water
when flushing the bottle, the flushing volume of each bottle is: 105ml/s (at 0.25mpa)

b. filling part:
the filling part realizes the filling of materials into the washed bottles sent by the bottle washer.
the filling machine is self-designed by our company. the filling valve has independent intellectual property rights and uses the principle of pressure filling and negative pressure backflow.
the filling valve adopts the pressure filling negative pressure type backflow method, the filling is quick and sensitive, and the filling level is high in accuracy. there is no spring in the valve, and the material does not contact with the spring, which facilitates the cleaning of the valve interior. in order to ensure the filling process and the filling temperature, the material in the filling valve is in a micro-reflux state when there is no bottle or when it is shut down.
the filling tank adopts a full tank method to ensure the stable pressure in the tank.
the whole machine has a complete cip cleaning interface.
the double guide rod lifting structure is adopted to make the bottle lifting and centering stable.
the main drive adopts gear drive that is open type combined drive, which has high efficiency, low noise, long life, convenient maintenance and sufficient lubrication. the frequency converter is used to control the speed of the main motor of the machine. this machine adopts stepless frequency conversion speed regulation.
the bottle guide system has a simple structure and can be quickly and conveniently changed according to the bottle type. the whole machine adopts a bottleneck structure for transportation.
the whole machine is automatically controlled by plc, and faults are displayed online, such as bottle clogging, missing cover, etc.
the key parts and electrical components of this machine are imported products.

c. screw cap part:
the capping part will screw the cap arranged by the capping device to the bottle of the filled product, and send it to the subsequent process by the conveyor chain.
the capping machine drives the turntable to rotate through the reducer. the cover leaves the hopper from the cover outlet under the action of centrifugal force. there is a positive and negative cover separation device at the exit. when the reverse cover passes by, the cover automatically falls into the return pipe, and the reverse cover is automatically blown into the hopper by wind. only the front cover can enter the slideway smoothly. the cover volume in the hopper is automatically detected by the photoelectric switch to control the cover conveyor to ensure that the lower cover achieves the effect. when the front cover enters the slideway, you can enter the cover feeding tray smoothly. in order to prevent accidents, an anti-reverse cover dial is configured on the slideway to ensure that the cover that enters the feeding cover tray is correct. a pair is also configured on the slideway. photoelectric switch, when detecting that there is no cover, it will stop the host immediately. in order to effectively remove the broken cover without the anti-theft ring and clean the remaining cover of the hopper, there is a movable outlet directly opposite the hopper outlet to meet this function.
the screw cap is magnetic screw cap, with overload protection function, and the screw cap torque is stable and reliable. the sealing has no gnawing, high, crooked, and curling.